Take a journey into your little ones imagination at Totsy's Play Town,and experience the joy of play through their eyes.

Totsy's Play Town is a pop up role play adventure centre, providing exciting play sessions for young children,
from 18 months to 6 years, who love to let their imaginations take over! 

Regular sessions are held at Tots Play's HQ in Rogerstone, Newport on Fridays, Saturdays
and during school holidays, and the role play centre is also available to book for parties.


Why Role Play? 

Allowing children to act out real life situations, such as making and serving food, posting letters, paying in the supermarket, gives them the opportunity to learn about real-life environments and situations in a fun way! Role play is a fun way for kids to learn about themselves, others and their environment; whilst learning important skills that aid their cognitive and physical development.


The benefits of role play include the development of:

  • Imagination and storytelling.

  • Problem-solving skills.

  • Understanding of mathematical concepts.

  • Language and communication.

  • Social skills and conflict resolution.

  • Gross and fine motor skills.


Role play also enables children to:

  • Take risks in a safe environment. 

  • Express feelings and learn to empathise

  • Learn about other cultures.

  • Gain a sense of independence and control, by being "who they want to be" and playing with things the way they want to play, not necessarily how they "should be" played with.


At Totsy's Play Town we have lots of different areas for your little one to explore including a cafe, ice cream parlour, supermarket, medical centre, construction site, post office, hairdressers and more, all thoughtfully put together so children can learn more about our world safely whilst playing and learning. Grown ups are invited to join in the fun too, and your little one will love showing you all the things they can do as you play together.

About Totsy's Play Town

Having been part of the community in Rogerstone for many years with our parent brand, Tots Play, and having the pleasure of welcoming families to our dedicated HQ venue each week for our original programme of classes as well as other activities, we felt that the local area was lacking further variety for children's indoor play activities, and put our minds to work.


After some careful planning, researching (and maybe a bit of playing, or "testing" as we like to say) Totsy's Play Town was born! 

As parents ourselves we know how important role play is to development and also how much little ones love to play their way! Each of our areas have been designed to encourage children to let their imagination run free. 

Totsy is the lovable monkey mascot of the Tots Play brand, and loves to have fun, so we knew he would love his very own miniature town!

Totsy's Play Town is managed by Jade, who will be on hand to welcome you to the sessions, supported by Tots Play founder, Helen and our centre team.

Meet Play Town Manager, Jade.



Come and Play!

Sessions are held on selected dates and are suitable for children from 18 months to 6 years. Place are limited for each session to ensure a high quality play experience for all. Follow the links below to see availability and book your place.


Each play session will run for 1h 15 minutes.

Standard sessions are £6.50 per child

(adults and siblings under 18 months accompanying a paying child are free) 

_Who will you be today 6.png

Hi! I'm Jade, I am a mum of 2 girls aged 9 and 3, who keep me very busy. When setting up Totsy's Play Town areas I had my little ones in mind and I am excited to see lots of happy faces playing, creating, and exploring the carefully thought out areas of play we have designed!

I love the idea of children being able to play how they want to play, and be who they want to be, I think it is so important to recognise that children are individuals and allow them to explore the world in their own way. I regularly play "shops" and "cafes" with my youngest daughter and I love seeing how her little mind works when faced with choices and decisions in pretend play scenarios.  

I will be around during each session if you need any help or have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

Can't wait to welcome you soon! xx