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A Very Glittery Christmas

Christmas is a magical time and your little one will be mesmerised with the visual delights. This festive time of year provides so many Yule tide opportunities for you to play learn and grow together. Below you will find 2 jolly activities to do with your little one this Christmas that will help you utilise the sparkle and glitter for the benefit of your child’s development.

The season is such a landmark in the calendar, an opportunity to reflect on the previous year and look ahead to the future. When you have small children the changes you see in them from year to year are so dramatic that this reflection can be particularly emotional. These simple and enriching activities will enable you to make the most out of these precious times and create lasting memories to think back upon in years to come.

Glitter bottles

This simple activity won’t take long to do but the result will last long past Christmas. These glittery bottles are mesmerising for children to watch and some parents even use them to help distract and calm down their toddlers during a tantrum or ease anxious, worried children. In fact, these bottles are not exclusively a Christmas creation; they can be done any time of the year. That said their shimmering, twinkly effect is perfect for the festivities of December.

What You Need

  • Water bottle, chose a size that will be easy for your child to hold, turn and shake when full of liquid. Ideally pick one with smooth sides.

  • Pot of glitter

  • A bottle of clear glue

  • Water (if you follow these instructions the water can be room temperature. If you use different glue you have to use hot water)

  • Food colouring (optional)

  • Additional extras including sequins and beads (also optional)

  • Strong glue or duck-tape ideally coloured.

How to Make It

  • Fill the bottle with water

  • Add the whole tube of glue

  • Add the glitter and any additional extras

  • Add the drop of food colouring (be careful not to add too much as it will stop you seeing the glitter)

  • Secure the lid tightly

  • Shake

How To Play

Simply allow your toddler (or help your younger baby) to shake and turn to watch the glitter settle.


Instead of glitter and water you could alternatively add other Christmas themed items into the bottles such as tree decorations, tinsel and bells, or fill them with Christmas smells, such as cinnamon and chocolate. Why not make a selection and see what interests your child most on different days.

Christmas Baskets

Most toddlers across the country will be taking the decorations off the tree within moments of them being hung up, it is inevitable. Before you get cross that your perfectly decorated tree no longer looks so perfect, remember that these bright and sparkling attractions hanging right in front of their nose is an impossible magnet to a toddler who is so visually stimulated. When you think of this temptation it is no surprise that they can’t leave the tree alone!

Knowing this though means that you can take informed steps to prevent it while still providing a visual and tactile festive experience. We suggest you create a sensory basket full of these Yule tide temptations. Fill it with tree decorations, bells and tinsel. You could even place a small tree in this box so that your toddler has their very own little tree to decorate. This will help develop fine motor skills as they attach the décor to the tree. Not only is the Christmas tree box great for their development but it will hopefully protect your big tree (at least some of the time).

As your child is playing with the various festive resources you have supplied, talk to them about the colours, textures and sounds they make. Although Christmas is a feast for the eyes it is also an opportunity to experience the full spectrum of senses.

Christmas at Tots Play

Tots Play classes provide you and your little one with the space and resources to create festive memories that will last longer than a new year’s resolution. At Tots Play our highly trained franchisees deliver 6 types of class in one; baby massage, yoga, sign language, sensory play, physical play and music. Over the Christmas period they get a Yuletide make over providing festive activities that you can replicate at home. To top it off each class will finish the Christmas season with a festive themed class or party session, so you and your tot can celebrate in style.

If you're not already booked, and want to get involved in the festive fun then click HERE to find a class near you.

If there are no classes in your area yet and you are looking for a new way to create an income, working around your family while doing something that's hugely fun and rewarding, click HERE to find out about our exciting franchise opportunity where you can start your own business with the support of the Tots Play brand. We can't wait to hear from you.

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