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Data Protection

Tots Play UK Ltd control this website via secure servers, and are the 'Data Controller' under the Data Protection Act 1998.


Any person making a booking through the website will have their information stored and passed onto the relevant Franchisee for the sole purpose of booking a class. Your information will not be provided to anyone else.


All information relating to class bookings is automatically removed from the server database after a period of six months.


We do not share information with anyone, nor will your details be passed to any third parties for any purpose.


Your information may be used by your Franchisee, to whom you have provided it, to send you some marketing information relating directly to the Class or Course that you have either enquired about, or are participating in.


Should you not wish to receive any further marketing or other information about Tots Play, or it's classes and courses, then you have two options available to you.

1. Ensure that you tick the relevant box on your booking form to notify us that you do not wish further information to be sent to you, other than the informtion that you originally requested,

2. Send an email to your Franchisee requesting that they do not send any further Marketing or other communications to you.


Should you wish to know what information Tots Play UK Ltd holds on you, please send a request including your Name, Address and Date of Birth to


The Data Controller

Tots Play UK Ltd

2 Oak Tree Drive


NP10 9JN


Please note that we charge a fee of £10 for this service. This can either be paid via Pay Pal or by cheque.


Should you have any further questions regarding how Tots Play UK Ltd handles your Data, please contact us on HQ@TOTSPLAY.CO.UK

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