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Action Tots

2 to 4 years

"Building the Skills for a Lifetime of Action"

 If your preschooler loves being active, having fun and learning new skills, and would like to work towards the exciting milestone of riding a bike, then Action Tots is the place to be!


Balance, co-ordination, gross and fine motor skills are all vital for your toddler’s development and form the basis for fitness and sports of all kinds.


Using a range of fun games, songs and equipment from bean bags to balance bikes, your little one will have the chance to develop and practice all these skills and more, challenging themselves in lots of different ways.


From early riding skills on our toddler size balance bikes to learning how to stretch and relax, with simple yoga and massage, Action Tots will boost your toddler’s body awareness, confidence, fitness and social skills as you laugh and play together.

This class builds the foundations for riding a traditional bike but also helps prepare your little one for any kind of sport or activity and to develop a love for an active lifestyle. 

Each 45 minute class includes a number of activities based around 4 skill stations:


  • Body - working on co-ordination, strength, and gross motor skills

  • Brain - helping to develop focus, concentration and fine motor skills

  • Balance - the key skill for all types of movement, especially learning to ride a bike

  • Bikes - exploring, handling and gaining the skills and confidence to start to ride our balance bikes


With songs, games, stretches, parachute play and bubbles to ensure lots of fun as well as learning!

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Action Tots
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Why Use a Balance Bike?

Learning to ride a bike is an important event in any child’s life, but a traditional bike can be difficult for younger children to manage, and when stabilisers are used they don’t learn the balance skills they need to be able to ride unaided.


Our Balance Bikes are lightweight and easy for little people to handle, and their low seat height allows your child to feeling safe and secure with both feet planted firmly on the ground. The simplicity of the balance bike means that your little one can concentrate on the fundamental skills of balance, leaning and steering while propelling their bike in a natural way.


Learning to ride is about more than just being on the bike itself though, which is why our classes involve a range of activities that will develop the underlying skills which will help make the process of riding a bike, and any other sport or physical activity much easier.  


Most of all though, children learn best when they are having fun, so that's what the classes are all about!


Why not come and try for yourself? Book your place today and get your Tot into Action!

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