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Social Tots

Crawling to 2 years

"Exploring Early Movement and Loving Social Interaction"

Once your little one is on the move they will want to explore, make friends, and play, play, play! At the fun-filled world of Social Tots they will find all this and more.


During each 40 minute weekly class, crawlers and toddlers will benefit from a structured, but fast paced play environment where each child’s personality is encouraged to shine through, as we bring out their love of play and exploration in ways which will stimulate the development of both body and mind.  

When the whole world is an adventure waiting to be discovered, it can be tricky to keep these little explorers still for long, so activities are kept short, interactive and varied throughout each session.


With the emphasis on fun, our carefully designed programme includes a mix of structured and free play activities, both so important for this age group, providing plenty of opportunity for Tots to build the skills they will need to prepare for the challenges of preschool and beyond, along with their own creativity, independence and early social skills.

Each class starts with our hello song and warm up stretches, which your little one will soon get to know and be encouraged to join in with. The familiar format, but changing activities of the class, help your child grow in confidence as they explore yoga inspired stretches, music, movement and instruments, sign language and communication games and our sensory and physical equipment, not forgetting our ever popular parachute play, bubble time and cool down.

Come and join us at Social Tots for physical, social and creative development through play, and fun and friendships for you both.

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Social Tots
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Why do we do that?

Yoga, Movement and Music

Combining dynamic yoga stretches and postures with action and movement songs provides stimulation for your child's senses and whole body as well as building strength, co-ordination, gross motor skills and confidence as each child is encouraged to participate in the way that is just right for them.

Learn more about sharing yoga with your toddler HERE.

Circle Time

Our group activities provide opportunities to explore different concepts, develop early social skills, interact with other children, and share special moments with you – and, of course to have fun!

Find some tips for helping your Tot to socialise HERE.

Multi Sensory Play and Exploration

The opportunity to explore and choose their own play experiences from the range of sensory and physical play items provided builds confidence and self esteem, as well an encouraging curiosity and creativity. They may just play in a way that you didn't expect or concentrate for longer than you knew they could when they direct their own play. 

Get some ideas for ways to carry on the play and learning at home HERE.

Baby Sign Language

As your child's communication and language skills develop, using sign language can help ease the frustrations that can occur along the way, and help when expressing both needs ,wants and interests. Having this "voice" at an early age helps your little one's confidence to develop as well as a closeness between you as your understanding of each other increases.

HERE are some reasons you and your little one will love baby signing.

Bubbles and Cuddles

Bubble time provides an exciting finale to each session, followed by the chance for some cuddles and few minutes of special time together as we say goodbye until next week.

Learn more about the benefits of bubbles HERE.

You will also be able to pick up simple songs and activities that can be carried on at home to continue the learning and development process. For more ideas and information on developmental play visit our blog.

What Our Customers Say...

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