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Baby Development Course

Birth to 6 Months

A Strong Foundation for Your Baby's Growth and Development

It is never too early to engage your baby in play. From the moment they are born, every smile, touch, sound and movement builds new pathways in the brain that help them to learn and grow, and to develop their own unique personality. 
But do you wonder...?

Exactly how do I play with my tiny bundle?

Or, How can I make sure I am supporting his or her development in the best way?

We understand that becoming a parent is a life changing experience, and that these early days with your baby are precious but sometimes overwhelming. Tots Play is here to help.

Our Baby Development course is especially designed for babies from birth to 6 months, and aims to support you both through this crucial time, providing simple ideas and techniques for loving play times that will help you connect, calm and have fun together while aiding your baby's development.

The classes are also a great way to get out and meet other parents in your area with babies of a similar age. Many of our previous course attendees have continued to meet up long after their course ended.

Running over six weeks the course introduces a range of activities, suitable for even very young babies, including:

  • Baby Massage

  • Baby Yoga

  • Calming Techniques

  • Baby Sign Language

  • Tummy Time Play

  • Sensory Play

  • Songs and rhymes

  • Cuddles, smiles, bubbles and lots of fun!

You will find a warm welcome, as our classes are kept deliberately small, ensuring a relaxed atmosphere where you can feel comfortable to attend to your baby's needs (we know they may need to eat, sleep, cry or want a cuddle during class, and that's no problem at all ), and easily get to know the others in your group.


To ensure you get the most out of the course you will receive a full colour workbook, giving details of all the techniques and activity ideas covered at each session, plus background information on each of the topics. You will find a code in the workbook that gives you access to a selection of the songs used during the course which you can download and will also be given a bottle of massage oil so that you can practice both massage and yoga at home with your little one, and get other family members involved.

This course sets the foundation for the ongoing Tots Play Programme, and we hope you will choose to join our weekly classes once your course ends to build on what you have learned, and enjoy even more special times together.

Check Out These Course Highlights...

Baby Development course
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Why do we do that?

Baby Massage

Massage has so many benefits, for both you and your baby. During the course you will learn a simple, full body routine that can help you calm, connect and communicate with your baby, including strokes to aid digestion and ease wind and colic symptoms. Regular massage can also help promote deeper, more restful sleep and is a lovely way for you and your baby to spend time together. 

Baby Yoga

Baby yoga compliments and extends the benefits of massage, with stretches, poses and movements to both stimulate and soothe your baby. Doing yoga with your baby builds their strength and flexibility, increases the awareness they are developing about their body and all the wonderful things they are learning to do with it, and helps them to learn how to relax. It's also lots of fun!

Calming Techniques

Sometimes our babies need a little help in regulating their emotions to enable them to calm down when they are unsettled. Having some go to techniques to draw upon during these times can be invaluable, so we include a range of ideas for you to try during the course.

Tummy Time Play

Giving your baby time to play on their tummy is so important for their physical development, but can be tricky if your little one doesn't seem to enjoy it. With our tips for making tummy time more fun and effective your baby will be a tummy time pro in no time!

Baby Signing

Babies know what they want to say long before they are able to talk, and have lots of ways in which they communicate with us. Signing with your baby is a great way to help them to express, and you to decipher, their wants needs and interests from just a few months old. We will explain how to get started with signing and show you some of the key signs to use.


Songs and Rhymes

Music boosts so many aspects of development, (language, numeracy, creativity and listening skills to name a few). Combining songs and rhymes with other activities, such as yoga and signing, as we do during the classes, make those things even more engaging, fun and effective.

Sensory Play

Providing a variety of play experiences for your baby to explore helps to stimulate all their senses and helps them to learn about the world around them. This doesn't need to be complicated or expensive though, we will show you how you can use simple household and homemade items to aid your baby's learning and give you lots of inspiration for sensory play times to carry on at home.

We very much encourage you to carry on the simple songs and activities we do at home to continue the learning and development process. For more ideas and information on developmental play visit our blog.

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