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Discovery Tots

8 Weeks to Crawling

"For Babies who Love to Learn using their Whole Body and all their Senses"

For a fun, interactive, play session that you and your baby will both enjoy come and join us at Discovery Tots.


Each week you and your baby will enjoy focused time together, signing, bouncing, exploring and playing together. No two classes are the same and with so many new things for your baby to experience each week, we often get told that babies sleep very well after their Discovery Tots class!


We know that babies learn best when they use their whole body and all their senses, and each 40 minute class is filled with lots of different activities to stimulate, delight and encourage development in a relaxed, loving and fun environment.


Even at such a young age a structured playtime, which the classes provide, helps a child to feel secure, giving the confidence to explore, learn and grow, making development more rapid and learning more fun. It is also a great place to start building social skills, first by watching and later through interaction with the other babies.


Each class starts with our hello song and warm up stretches, followed by some gentle baby yoga with fun songs along the way. We also practise simple sign language to encourage early communication skills before moving to the sensory area where there are a wide variety of items to stimulate and delight all the senses.


There is time at the end of the class to wind down with a lovely relaxing lullaby massage, lots of bubbles (You won't want to miss your baby's delighted face, often accompanied by jiggling arms and legs as they watch them float by and pop!) and a visit from our friendly mascot Totsy Monkey. 

Discovery Tots is a whole world of love, laughter and learning, where you can make special memories to cherish.

Check Out These Class Highlights...

Discovery Tots
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Why do we do that?

Baby Yoga, Movement and Music

Combining stretches, postures and movement to provide stimulation for baby’s body and mind, yoga based movement is a great way to connect and have fun together. The various movements, some more calming and soothing, some more dynamic and fast paced will also help your baby understand more about their body and what they can do with it and develop their motor skills, strength and flexibility. Nursery rhymes and simple action songs help to add to the enjoyment and further stimulate the senses. Music also helps to introduce rhythm and rhyme to your baby, an important part of speech development. 

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Baby Sign Language

Babies have the desire to communicate with you long before they develop the ability to speak, and learning to use sign language is one way in which they can let you know what is on their mind from just a few months old. We will introduce a few simple signs which you and your baby can use to communicate with each other.

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Multi-Sensory Play

Watch your baby’s delight as we play with a wide variety of fun objects, from ribbons to rice, lights to lemons, bubbles to beach balls and lots more, allowing your baby to use all his or her senses to explore the world. The brain is highly active and developing here too due to the wide range of stimulus on offer.

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Wind Down Time

Time to relax, wind down and enjoy closeness with you at the end of the session helps your baby assimilate everything they have done in the class and feel settled, secure and loved. For you, it's a chance to enjoy a few minutes of special time connecting with your baby before carrying on with the rest of your day.

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You will also be introduced to simple songs and activities that can be carried on at home to continue the learning and development process. For more ideas and information on developmental play visit our blog.

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