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About Us

 Amongst the day to day business of raising a young child are those special

         moments of wonder, joy, pride and laughter that make it all worthwhile.

Of course, you want the best for your child, and they are growing and learning so fast that every minute together is precious.

A regular class is a great way to spend focused time playing together, learning new things and enjoying each other’s company. 

But what kind of activity should you choose....?


    A Music Class?            Massage?   Physical Play?     

Baby Sign Language?            Sensory Play?      Yoga?


Perhaps you like the sound of them all. Each brings so many benefits for your little one, and would be lots of fun 

- but how will you fit them all in? 

Baby Yoga

Well now it’s Easy!

With Tots Play there is no need to choose, You, and your Baby or Toddler can enjoy all these Experiences and More in One Award Winning Programme.


Launched in 2009 by Helen Gillies, and the result of over five years experience of running classes for babies and toddlers in both the UK and abroad, Tots Play was created to offer a varied programme of activity classes, parties and play resources for babies and toddlers, designed to provide not only age appropriate learning experiences for your child, but also exciting, interactive play sessions for you both. 

A place where you can take time to enjoy those special moments together.

What Our Customers Say....

“The classes are very well organised, and coming to the class gives me peace of mind that my babies have enjoyed valuable play. There are always lots of new, interesting and fun things to do. Most of all I have enjoyed seeing my girls develop over time within the classes. It’s a joy to see them doing new things and having so much fun.”

Sarah and twins Millie and Pheobe

What Our Customers Say....

“Tots Play provides a great mix of activities, so we didn’t have to choose to a whole course of just one thing - baby massage / baby sign / singing etc.  We love the variety, it keeps all of the babies (and mums!) really interested throughout the class."

Rebecca and Jacob

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