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Our Classes

Tots Play offers a complete programme of award winning classes, resources and more to give you the confidence and inspiration needed to play, connect and enjoy special time with your

baby or toddler in ways which will enhance their development. 

Our classes are suitable for children from birth to around 4 years,

with a range of sessions aimed at different age groups.


With the exception of our Baby Development course, which runs at regular intervals, all courses are ongoing so you can join at any time throughout the year.

Attending classes is a great opportunity to enjoy focused time with your little one as you cuddle, play, connect and make new discoveries together every week.


You will also pick up lots of ideas to enable you to continue the fun  (and learning) at home, so get ready to leap, laugh and learn together!

Baby Development Course

Birth to 6 Months

Baby Development course
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A Strong Foundation for Your Baby's Growth and Development

No courses near you? Learn at home with our online Baby Play and Development Course. Click HERE for more details.

Discovery Tots

8 Weeks to Crawling