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  • Which class would be best for me to attend?
    Babies We offer two classes for non-mobile babies, Baby Development Course (suitable from birth to 6 months) and Discovery Tots (suitable from 8 weeks to active crawling). Both classes are designed especially for babies so either would be suitable for you and your little one if they are between the age of 8 weeks and 6 months. Some of the activities at both classes are similar but the format and emphasis is different for each. If they are younger than 8 weeks then Baby Development would be best, or over 6 months but not yet crawling confidently, then Discovery Tots would be more suitable. Baby Development is a 6 week course designed to give you an introduction to a number of activities and techniques to play, bond and communicate with your new baby, including baby massage, baby yoga, sign language, sensory play, tummy time and calming techniques, songs, rhymes, bubbles and more. Classes are kept small and are a great place to meet other mums and babies. In addition to the classes you receive a full colour workbook, music download and bottle of massage oil to accompany the course so that you can continue to practice what you learn at home. Discovery Tots is our ongoing play class, again just for babies. You can join this class at any time during the year and, in most areas, it runs roughly with the school terms. Activities include baby yoga, performed to lots of songs and rhymes, sign language, sensory play and bubbles. While you will learn lots at this class too, the emphasis is on enjoying special time with your baby each week and for them to spend some time in the company of other babies building those early social skills. Many of our customers start by attending Baby Development and then continue to enjoy the activities at Discovery Tots as their baby grows, but it is not necessary to have attended Baby Development to join Discovery Tots. Older Babies and Toddlers Social Tots is suitable for babies who are mobile, or who prefer to be moving than sitting still, in whatever form that takes! This is commonly at around 8 to 9 months, but may be a little earlier or later depending on your child. If you are unsure do chat to your class leader who will be able to advise you further. At Social Tots our activities are adapted to be suitable for this, more active age group and to provide now experiences and challenges. Social Tots is suitable for children up until they are around 2 years or a little older. From 2, children may like to move on to Action Tots, where the emphasis is more on physical play and development and we introduce the opportunity to learn to ride a balance bike. This class is suitable up to around the age of 4 years. Age Guidelines For all our classes the ages given are a guideline as we know that each child develops at their own pace. It is therefore the stage of development we look at when considering the best class for each individual child. Please ask your class leader if you are unsure of which class would be most suitable, or when it would be best to move on to the next class.
  • My baby was premature, what is the best class to bring them to?"
    The ages provided for our classes are guidelines only and the best class will rather depend on the stage of development for each individual child. For babies who were premature we advise working on their corrected, rather than actual, age and, if unsure, do chat to your class leader who will be able to advise further.
  • I have a baby and a toddler, can I bring both to class?"
    You are welcome to bring siblings to our classes. If bringing both children together we suggest attending the class suitable for the older child where possible. Babies below the age that the class is aimed at will usually not be charged for, and can either observe from a car seat or sling, or join in with the parts of the class where this is appropriate. While your class leader will do their best to help out, please note that you do remain responsible for your children while at the class.
  • Are classes suitable for twins?
    Twins and multiples are welcome at classes, and while the children remain your responsibilty throughout the session, your class leader will also do their best to give you a helping hand where needed. If you are bringing twins to the Baby Development course it may be of benefit if you are able to bring another adult in order that both babies can take part in activities such as massage at the same time. Don't worry if this is not possible, though, as the aim of the course is to give you the skills and ideas needed to do all the activities we cover at home, where you can do them at a time that works for your family. You receive a full colour workbook as part of the course with details of each week's activities to help make this easier.
  • What if my baby needs feeding or changing or sleeps during a class?
    We know that babies don't always work on the schedule that we would like them too, and, with younger babies especially, we understand that they need what they need when they need it! We always encourage you to take class activities at your own pace and see to your baby's needs as required. Even if you don't get to join in with everything during class time you will still be able to pick up lots of ideas for play times at home, and enjoy time out of the house and around other parents and babies so it is well worth coming along to class even if it is likely that your baby will need one or more of the above list during class time.
  • Can I come and try out the classes?
    In most areas either a single or multi-week trial is available for our weekly play classes (Discovery Tots, Social Tots or Action Tots). The idea of the trial is for you to get a feel for what we do at classes, as the activities change from week to week, and for you, and especially your little one, to settle in to a new environment in order to get a good idea of whether or not the sessions are right for you. You will then have the option to sign up for the remaining weeks of the current block of classes at the end of your trial. For the Baby Development course we don't offer a trial period as the course of 6 classes are designed to be taken together and each builds on what has been covered previously. Course participants therefore, all start on the same date and go through the course together, often building friendships along the way. In some areas a How to play with your new baby workshop may be available on certain dates, and this provides a taster of some of the activities from the Baby Development course.
  • Why are there no classes in my area?
    Tots Play operates as a franchise, so each area has been set up as an independent business by the franchisee. While we cover quite a few areas there are still lots of places where we are seeking franchisees in order to be able to offer classes more widely. If you know of someone who might be interested in running their own business providing Tots Play classes in your area please put them in touch and we can let them know more about our franchise programme.
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