Terms and Conditions

Missed Classes

If you are unable to attend one of your regular classes you may make up the missed class by attending any of our other classes except BDC. This should be during the term or half term you have paid for. Please check for availability before attending a different class. The Class Leaders decision is final in all cases.

We are unable to give refunds for missed classes that you are not able to make up as described above.

Baby Development Courses are sold as a 6 week continous course and we are unable to refund for any missed classes during the course. Please note that the BDC deposit secures your place on the course, and is not refundable if you are subsequently unable to take up your place.

It is at the discretion of the course leader as to whether you can attend another course elsewhere in the same week to catch up.

In any event it is up to the individual Franchisees to make any arrangements they so wish for anyone missing classes and it is not the responsibility of Tots Play Head Office in these circumstances.


Safety Information

Your child (or children) is your responsibility during the class. Please supervise them closely during the session and particularly during the use of equipment. Do not allow them to go near equipment when it is not in use. 

At all times please follow the instructions and guidelines of your class leader whose only goal is your child’s, and your safety and enjoyment.

For fire safety reasons please sign yourself and your child or children in at the beginning of each class, on the sheet provided.

Please no food or drinks during the session (apart from breast or bottle feeding).

While Tots Play makes every effort to ensure the safety and comfort of you and your child during the sessions, participation in our activities, and the use of our equipment is at your own risk. Your class fees include insurance cover for your child. 

During the Covid-19 crisis, any participation in online classes still requires safety measures to be taken. All activities require Adult Supervision, and care must be taken that the area to be used at home is clear and there are no hazards or other issues that could cause injury whilst participating in the online sessions. You must also ensure that any equipment you are using for any session is suitable for the activity being demonstrated/participated in. Clients take part in any Tots Play Franchisee online activities at their own risk, but should ensure take appropriate steps to ensure that participation can be carried out without injury either by participation or by and hazards or equipment used.


Healthy Children

Please bring only healthy children to class. Your child should remain at home if he or she has had a fever, vomited, or had diarrhoea within the past 24 hours or if s/he is exhibiting contagious cold symptoms (usually during the first few days of a cold.). If you see another child with a runny nose or cough, do not automatically assume the child is contagious. Allergy symptoms can resemble cold symptoms. 

We reserve the right to refuse admittance to the class if we feel that the child is too ill to participate. 



Parents and children should wear comfortable play clothes. For Discovery Tots you may wish to bring a blanket or mat for your child to sit/lie on. For Social Tots children should have bare feet and dresses should not be worn as they may interfere with class activities. Any jewellery, with the exception of small stud earrings, should be removed from children before starting the class.


Photography and Video

From time to time we may take photographs or shoot video during classes to use for marketing and promotional purposes. Where images are used in this way no personal information or names will be linked to them, unless specific permission is sought from the individuals involved. If you do not consent to photographs or video being taken of you or your child please inform your class leader in writing of this preference.

Tots Play is happy for you to take photographs of your own child during classes. If you wish for another child to be in the picture please seek permission from the adult accompanying that child before taking pictures.


Class Behaviour 

Class time should be enjoyable for all. If your child is disrupting the group, or is in any way harming other children, we kindly ask that the adult responsible for them remove the child from the group until said behaviour has stopped.

In order for the children to be able to focus on the group activities and to develop their listening skills, we ask that chatting between adults is kept to the free play section of classes.

Tots Play reserves the right not to allow a child or parent to return to class if their behaviour is deemed unacceptable, in this instance we will refund any unused portion of class fees.


What If My Child does not want to participate? 

At Tots Play we let the child be the guide. At this early age, not participating in an activity is entirely appropriate. As with anything new it often takes a few weeks for children to settle in to the classes, and it is not expected that they will want to join in with everything straight away, or be able to concentrate for the full session to begin with. After all part of the reason for coming to the classes is to develop these, as well as many other skills, and this does take time. Our group activities are encouraged but we never want to force a child to participate, rather we feel that each child should be able to join the activities at his or her own pace.

Children learn in different ways, some will participate, some will learn by watching and others by listening. We often hear from parents that a child who seemed not to be participating will repeat the songs and activities later at home. It is worth noting, though, that the more enthusiastic you are about the activities, the more likely your child is to want to join in, and the quicker they will feel at home.

It can also be seen that children progress much more quickly in the skills that the classes promote when Tots Play becomes part of their weekly routine, rather than something that they attend now and then. Once they settle in and become used to the classes most people find that the child’s enjoyment of the sessions and their level of development increases enormously. 



To register your child(ren) for Tots Play Classes simply complete the online booking form or registration form which you will be given at your first class, and return it along with appropriate payment, to your class leader at the end of your trial period. Please ensure you have read and understood the above terms and conditions before registering.

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