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Baby Tranquil 
Birth to 4 Months

Nurturing Your Newborn and You

These early days with your new baby are such a whirlwind and so much has changed in such a short time, it can feel overwhelming.


At Baby Tranquil you’ll find space to just take a breath and enjoying being in the moment with your precious bundle. An invitation to slow your pace and enjoy some special time bonding and relaxing together while also finding support from other new mamas going through the same joys and challenges.


Happier parents lead to happier babies, so this is a course for you both, where we also focus on your happiness and wellbeing as a parent, introducing some simple, but hugely valuable, science based, ideas and techniques to help you more easily navigate these early stages of parenthood – all designed to fit into everyday life with a newborn.



What can you expect from the course?

A busy baby class can feel overwhelming in the early weeks, so at Baby Tranquil we keep class sizes small, and focus less on doing, and more on simply being in the moment with your new little one. Helping you connect and strengthen your bond, with some gentle activities to enjoy together.


You’ll find a relaxed, non-judgemental space, where the aim is for you to go away feeling a little more replenished than when you came, as we know how exhausting these early weeks are. You’ll be welcomed and supported exactly as you and your baby are on that day, so there’s no need to worry if either or both of you are not feeling very tranquil when you arrive!  


Through the 5 week course, you’ll also be introduced to techniques to help you to feel calmer as a parent, when that seems elusive, and talk about ideas to help you to be more present through the day and especially with your baby, to recognise the benefits that practicing gratitude can bring, explore why self-care is so important both for you and those around you, and help you to be a little kinder to yourself too. There will also be time to simply relax and enjoy some peaceful moments with your baby.

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What happens at a class?

  • At each class we start by saying hello and checking in with each other to see how our week has been.

  • We’ll then bring our focus to our babies, to really being present with them and noticing all the little things about them that can so easily be overlooked with the busy pace of life.

  • We’ll introduce them to some lovely sensory experiences as they start to become more aware of the world around them, and help them to relax with some soothing massage strokes.

  • You’ll learn some lovely activities to help you and your baby focus fully on each other to strengthen the bond between you.

  • We’ll also focus on you and your wellbeing, with gentle breathing and movement exercises to help you feel calmer and more in control as you negotiate the challenges of parenting a newborn.

  • We’ll talk about our weekly wellbeing theme, sharing experiences and exploring practical ways to help smooth your days as a new parent and feel more confident in your role.

  • We’ll finish with a lovely, soothing guided relaxation to enjoy together.


Everything we do is simple enough for you to be able to carry on at home through the week, and in the months to come, extending the benefits far beyond class time, and you’ll get a lovely course guide and journal to support you in getting the most from what we’ll cover too.

Check Out These Course Highlights...

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Why join a course?

Parenting is probably the hardest job you’ll ever do, but you don’t need to do it alone. Baby Tranquil has been created so that you don’t have to – it’s the baby class you never knew you absolutely needed as a new parent – and completely different from anything you may have seen or experienced before - so come and join us.


We’re waiting to welcome you.


We very much encourage you to carry on the simple ideas and activities we do at home to continue to benefit from the activities shared during the course. For more ideas and information on parenting, play and development visit our blog.

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