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Free Play Time Guides

At Tots Play we know that play time doesn't just happen during classes but all the times in between too.


 We also know that sometimes a bit of inspiration for how to make the most of those play times, ensuring they are not only lots of fun but have great benefits for development too, can be a big help!


Our FREE PLAY TIME GUIDES provide lots of ideas of simple things you can do at home with your little one to keep the fun, learning and special moments happening all week long.

There are 3 to choose from:

How to Play with Your New Baby

Besotted with your new baby but wondering HOW you are supposed to play with someone so small?

This free eBook is full of simple ways to make the most of play time with your new baby - starting today!

Discovery Days Activity Guide

Songs, Stretches, Sensory Play and more suitable for babies from around 2 months to crawling. 

Social Climbers Activity Guide

Music, Movement and Play for Crawlers and Walkers.

**BONUS** Top 10 Tips for Play Time

If you love playing with your little one but are not sure on how to make sure he or she are getting lots of developmental benefits too then our Top 10 Tips are just what you need to help you make the most of your play times!

You will no longer need to worry about WHAT you should be doing - just concentrating on enjoying those loving, playful interactions with your little one.

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Every day is a new adventure for your child, so don't miss another day of play time fun - go ahead and fill in the form now and start enjoying even more special moments with your little one.

You will also receive our regular newsletter with Tots Play updates and special offers absolutely free when you claim your Play Time Guides. You are able to opt out of this at any time.

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