Hello, I'm Sandra and I run the Tots Play classes on the Isle of Wight.


I am a mummy myself to 2 small children, a daughter called Theia and a son called Albie.


After the birth of my daughter, I think we attended every baby and toddler class going! There were several classes and groups that all offered different benefits.  Through these groups I have made several other close mummy friends and we still meet up regularly now. Then when I went on maternity leave for a second time from my job that I had worked in for over 20 years, I realised how special and precious those first few months are with them, how quickly they grow and how returning to work was already looming. I certainly didn't want to return to my old job and hours and I wanted the flexibility and to be able to drop off and collect my children from pre school/school.  Then I saw this amazing opportunity to take over classes on the island. I knew it was perfect and the right thing to do so jumped at the chance.


What drew me to Tots Play and also makes it unique from other classes, is that there are 5 elements in the 1 class, a little bit of everything of all the classes I had tried before-yoga, massage, signing, singing and sensory.


I am really excited to be running classes on the island and I look forward to welcoming you and your child to one of my classes soon.



Happy playing

Sandra xxx

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Call Sandra on 07595 440071

Class Schedule and Booking Info below


Baby Development Course

Birth to 6 Months

Discovery Tots

8 weeks to Crawling

Social Tots 

8 months to 2.5 years

Action Tots 

2 - 4 years


Mondays, Sandown, Lions Day and Community Centre:
Action Tots, 10-10.45
Social Tots, 11.15-11.55

Tuesdays, Newport, The Pavilion:
ST 10am-10.40am
DT 11am-11.40am
AT 12.15pm-1pm

Wednesdays, Newport, The Pavilion:
ST 10am-10.40am
ST 11am-11.40am
DT 12pm-12.40pm

Thursdays, Wootton, Community centre:
ST 10am-10.40am
DT 11am-11.40am

Fridays, Whippingham, Community Hall:
AT 10am-10.45am
ST 11.15am-11.55am
BD 12.15pm-1.05pm

Saturdays, Wootton, Community centre;
AT 9.45am-10.30am
ST 11am-11.40am