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Hi, I'm Lynsey and I run Tots Play in the Swindon area.
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I can't wait to welcome you.

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Call or Text   07786 697721 

Meet your Class Leader

Lynsey Cox


My name is Lynsey and I live in Swindon with my husband and two children who are in secondary school.

After 23 years of teaching in Primary schools I felt a new challenge was needed, but I wasn’t sure what. I absolutely love working with children and seeing them grow and develop, so when I came across Tots Play, I knew it was the perfect solution. I was instantly drawn to Tots Play as I loved the range of activities provided in each session. You don’t have to choose different classes to get a wide range of benefits for your little one (and you), as at Tots Play we include massage, yoga, signing, sensory exploration and more in every class! It doesn’t matter if your baby is asleep during class or needs feeding either, as we give you lots of ideas for activities to do at home so you can continue with Tots Play outside classes too!

I remember taking my children to baby classes and the huge benefits they gave to, not only my children, but myself as well. I can’t wait to welcome you to my Tots Play classes so you can make new friendships with other mums and enjoy special time bonding and playing with your baby.

I am really excited to bring the unique Tots Play programme to Swindon and look forward to welcoming you.

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Happy Playing!

Lynsey x

Parties and Private Bookings
Individually tailored sessions available for birthdays or other celebrations and for settings or organisations such as playgroups, preschools, nurseries and charities. Get in touch using the contact details above for more information.
Learn more about our party sessions HERE.

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