Hi, I’m Cathryn 

When I am not running Tots Play classes across Wolverhampton I am a mum to 3 very energetic boys (my 3 Monkeys ;-) ). Whilst my boys are all now at school I loved going to classes and groups with them when they were babies and having that focused time with them.

Up until my youngest monkey arrived we were the typical working parent house struggling to spend quality time together as a family, Up early, take boys to the childminder who would do the school runs and feed them dinner I would be back late from the office to do bath and bed time. When going on Maternity Leave with my youngest an opportunity to take redundancy became available - and I took it!! I spent the next couple of years focusing on being “Mummy”.

Eventually the time came when my Youngest was ready for Nursery and I wanted a new challenge … Along came Tots Play offering me an Ideal solution, my love of classes (all of them in one package) and the flexibility to still look after my family and have Quality Time with them.

I get asked regularly about class suitability for children with additional needs I can honestly say that our classes (as they are focused on development stage not age) are fantastic. My youngest has Developmental Co-ordination Delay, Speech Dyspraxia, and sensory processing challenges and he still loves coming to class as these are all accommodated for. 

Tots Play Classes provide a wide range of activities within each session, to keep both you and your little one engaged and smiling. Classes are focused on fun and enjoyment in a friendly, pressure free environment, and I can’t wait to welcome you along. 

For full timetable and class location details click the “book now” button. For more information or to discuss specific questions / needs please send me an email. 

I look forward to seeing you there.



Happy playing

Cathryn xxx

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Baby Development Course

Birth to 6 Months

Discovery Tots

8 weeks to Crawling

Social Tots 

8 months to 2.5 years


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