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Help Your Child Be a Super Learner

Time and again, both research and experience shows that babies and toddlers get a lot more out of interactive play than they do from passively observing. As parents, we want the best for our little ones: we want to give them optimal opportunities in life, taking advantage of this time when they are like sponges, soaking up new information and learning life skills and life lessons that will see them growing into successful happy adults. The good news is that you are ideally placed to be both your child's best playmate and teacher with the simple experiences you provide them every day. The learning journey starts from birth. When your baby’s little mind is still developing, you have the perfec

Juggling Work and the School Run?

I have been loving seeing all the first day of school pictures that have been popping up on my news feed over the last week or so. So many proud and excited faces as they embark on a new journey. If your little one has started a new school or nursery this term, I hope they are having a wonderful time so far, and that the transition has been smooth for you all (I know it can be tough to let them go!). A New Routine Whether it is a little one starting a new school or nursery, or joining a new group or class like Tots Play (a warm welcome if that's you), this time of the year often brings changes to our routine that can sometimes lead us to re-evaluate how best to juggle all the things that nee

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