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Signing Around the House

Any time you are talking or interacting with your baby, there is probably an opportunity to use sign language to increase the frequency with which your little one experiences this extra element of communication, and therefore the rate at which he or she will learn to use it increases too. Signing can easily become an integrated part of your baby’s world and the new discoveries he or she is making every day. Don’t worry if you don’t know many, or any, signs yet; even a few signs can be used in lots of different circumstances and once your baby gets the idea of communicating with sign language, you can increase your vocabulary of signs little by little. Some of these signs can be done in passi

Benefits of Massage For Your Baby's Skin

Massage on any of us affects the body inside and out; it is more than just a pleasurable experience. A few simple massage strokes shared with your baby can, in fact, stimulate the digestive, circulatory, respiratory and immune systems and all your baby’s senses, as well as having many other benefits. One that can sometimes be overlooked though is the beneficial effect of massage on the skin. Here's a bit more about how and why this is the case and how to get the most out of massage for both you and your little one. The Body's Largest Organ The skin is not just another organ; it is the body’s largest. The skin is made up of 5 layers and each has a purpose. The skin actually plays a vital role

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