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7 Ways You Can Treasure Your Baby's First Christmas

Your baby might not be so aware but their first Christmas is an incredibly special milestone to most parents and, if this will be your little one's first festive season, it's one that I'm sure you want to cherish. Over the next few years, your house will be filled with festive thrills every December but there is something irreplaceable about the first. As your baby grows, there will be many first moments but equally as many last moments. Their first Christmas is unique because it will be both their first and last simultaneously. As with many exciting life events, blink and you miss it so if you are needing some inspiration, here are a few fun ideas to help you mark the special occasion. 1) C

3 Sensory Christmas Cards for Your Tot to Make and Give

Christmas takes on a whole new air of magic once you have children of your own. Although babies and toddlers don’t necessarily understand the stories and are yet to learn the traditions, they are still mesmerised by the bright lights, entranced by the jolly songs and excited by the rustle of wrapping paper. To help make Christmas with the newest member of your family extra memorable, we have found 3 fun and easy cards you can make with your little one. These crafts not only create a personal keepsake to give to someone close but they also provide a sensory experience for your tot which will support their learning and understanding of the world. Cheerio Christmas Tree Image sourced from http:

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