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5 Ways You Can Encourage Crawling

Watching as your baby starts to crawl is a proud moment, one quickly followed by hiding all the breakables at baby height! Crawling is one of the milestones that signifies your baby is growing up and often brings tears or squeals of joy from doting parents. Babies usually start to crawl between 6 and 10 months, although it is always important to remember that every baby is unique and will meet their milestones in their own time. Some babies prefer to bum shuffle or crawl sideways, others skip the crawling stage altogether and just start walking a little later. There are no set rules, and as a parent, the most valuable thing you can do is play and enjoy spending time with your baby. Crawling

Worried About Attending a Baby Class? Here's Why That's the Best Reason to Join One!

Having a baby is a wonderful thing in so many ways, but it certainly turns your life upside down! The first few weeks tend to go by in a blur of feeds, snatched pockets of sleep and lots and lots of visitors. Then you finally feel ready to venture out with your new bundle and decide you want to try out a baby class. You book it, you look forward to it, then you realise you will be meeting new people. People who have babies. Babies that may sleep better than yours, that don’t do explosive poos at least 3 times a day, that don’t cry unless you are holding them constantly. What will they think about you and your baby? You start to think it would be safer to stay at home, in a feeding/winding/wh

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