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Sensory Fun in the Kitchen

Sensory play doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. For lots of great ways to help your baby learn and explore using their senses look no further than your kitchen!

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You will have there all sorts of items that will stimulate all the senses with interesting things to see, touch, hear, smell and taste without spending any extra money or cluttering up your house with more toys!

Babies and toddlers love to watch and be involved in what you are doing, so simply giving your little one a wooden spoon, or whisk and bowl to explore in their high chair while they watch you prepare lunch, can be great fun for them. Talk about what you are doing and how you are using a spoon, bowl etc just like them.

Textures to Explore

There are interesting textures to be found all through your kitchen. The mesh of a sieve, the bristles of a pastry brush, the surface of a scourer or sponge. Have a rummage through your cupboards and drawers and see what you can find that would provide a new experience for your little one, making sure that there is nothing sharp or that could be detached and become a choking hazard.

Fun with Fruit and Veg

A selection of whole fruits and vegetables will provide all sorts of different textures, colours and shapes to explore too, or cut some up and let them see, feel and perhaps taste the inside too.

Sound Exciting

For some fun with sounds, it is hard to beat the appeal (for a toddler!) of a wooden spoon banging on the base of a saucepan, but also try popping some rice, dried pasta or lentils into a small plastic, screw top bottle for a quick and easy shaker.

Have a Sniff

Think about letting your baby or toddler experience the different smells of things you may be cooking, or have around the kitchen, like herbs and spices. Involve them in what you are doing and keep talking about those senses that they are using. For older babies and toddlers this might include letting them have a small taste of the different things you make.

Once you get started I am sure you will come up with lots more ideas for some sensory fun in the kitchen, and it is often the most unexpected things that capture your little one’s interest the most.

Get Sensory Play Inspiration at Tots Play

At Tots Play we know that play time doesn't just happen at class, so you will find lots of ideas and inspiration during our sessions for activities and experiences to try at home too, like some of the ones above.

Attending classes is also a great way to see what kind of sensory experiences your child enjoys so you can plan more of those types of activities for your play times at home, as well as helping them to explore new sensations.

Why not come along to a class soon and see what ideas you can pick up to take home with you too? Click HERE to find a class near you. You can also read more about our programme and the range of activities on offer for you and your baby or toddler HERE.

We would love to see what sensory adventures you get up to in your kitchen, so do share your pictures and experiences in the comments or on our Facebook page. Can't wait to hear all about it, but in the meantime, Happy playing!

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