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Mother’s Day Gifts From Baby to Nanny

You never stop being a mum. Even when your baby grows up and has babies of their own. So if this year marks your own first Mothers Day then what better time to make it extra special for nanny. Gifts from your baby can be personalised, handmade and can help create memories that will be treasured forever. In this post we will look at 5 marvellous Mother’s Day gifts from baby to nanny.

1) Handmade card

The shops are full of cards in the lead up to Mother’s Day but the effort and time that goes into a handmade card can hold so much more value. What is particularly nice when gifting from your baby is a card that they can physically get involved in making. This beautiful bunch of flowers made with printed handprints is a perfect example.

Find The instructions for this card here:

Your baby is learning about the world through their senses and handprint activities like this card give the perfect opportunity for a rich sensory experience. The process of creating it together will be fun and memorable for you as well, giving you an extra opportunity to bond.

What’s more having a physical keepsake of your baby’s little hand is one of the most precious gifts you can give nanny. Your baby will never be as small as they are today and the growth in the next year will be significant. All the more reason to capture those little fingers forever.

2) Photo bookmarks

If your mum or mother in law is a book lover then this is the perfect gift. Every time they dive into their favourite novel they will be greeted by a beautiful picture of their grandchild to make them smile.

Find full instructions for this activity here

All you need to do is take a picture of your little one with a plain background, one way to do this is to hang a white sheet up and place baby in front of it. Once you have the perfect picture, print it, cut around it and stick it onto white card, slipping the ribbon or tassle inbetween the top of the picture and the card. The last step is to use contact paper to cover the picture, covering the front and the back to provide strength and protection.

3) Post a hug

For some families distance prevents nanny from seeing her grandchildren regularly and this can be particularly difficult at a time like Mother’s Day. This beautiful, thoughtful gift will bring comfort and probably a few tears to the eye too.

For full instructions see here

Simply take painted handprints from baby onto white card. Cut them out and connect with a ribbon as long as an ams width. This super simple gift will provide a fun sensory activity for you and your baby to experience together and a Mother’s Day hug to pop in the post for nanny.

4) Framed art

Framing artwork that your child created is a fabulous boost to self esteem, it tells your child that what they create is important and valuable. You don’t need to wait till your child grows up and starts producing Van Gogh look alikes to frame their work, you can start from day one. Giving their art work as a gift reinforces the concept that they matter even more and who else would appreciate their art as much as you? Nanny of course!

For full instructions see

You can create a clever picture such as this butterfly using little foot prints like this example but don’t feel like you have to limit your child’s creativity. If you feel brave, just let your little one go wild and explore the textures of paints, chalk, felts, crayons and other mediums of mark making. The whole experience is enriching for your baby and will help them learn about the world around them.

5) Shared activity

One of the best gifts we can ever give is time, so why not think out the box this Mother’s Day and gift an experience rather than a physical present.

This may be something for you and your mum to do together, such as a spa day or afternoon tea, but why not also give your mum or mother in law the opportunity to do something fun with your baby, and have them do some baby classes together?

Baby classes are a great way to learn new ways to play together and spending quality focused time creates an opportunity to deepen the bond. Nanny could either take baby on their own or go with you for you to experience it together. Get in touch with your local class leader for the option of Gift Vouchers, or just book directly (find your closest classes HERE) and invite nanny along, they are bound to have lots of fun and make some lovely memories.

Happy Mother's Day

When you become a new parent yourself it is common to have a newfound respect or your own mum as you suddenly recognise what they went through when you were little, this is why that first Mothers Day seems particularly significant. Whether it's your first Mother's Day or you are further along on your parenting journey, we would like you take this opportunity to wish you a very happy, relaxed Mothers Day filled with cuddles, chocolate and sleep- what more could a girl want eh?!

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What ever you are up to this Mother's Day, Happy Playing!

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