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Do you have the mindset to be a franchisee?

Running a business as a franchisee has many advantages but it isn’t for everyone. Knowing if it would work for you as an individual requires spending some time on yourself, exploring if you have the right attributes before you invest your time money or energy. In this post we will open a frank and honest discussion about what mindset you actually need to create franchise success.

Are you self motivated?

Owning any business requires hard work. As a franchisee you will be a business owner and so you are responsible for your own success. You have to be motivated through the good days and the bad, you have to be motivated on months where you make lots of money and others where you make less. You have to be motivated as you build your business and get your name established. You have to show up and show your customers you care even on the days when you just want to call in sick.

This is all part of the experience of owning a business and continuing on through the tough times is what will make it work long term. The franchise can be sold sometimes as the easy option and we can see why. You have far more support than any other self employed business and all of the branding and infrastructure are provided for you. You also have the reassurance of knowing that the business model is tried and tested. However you still need to put in the actual work and you stand a much higher chance of success if you enjoy doing it.

Do you like being part of a community?

As a franchisee you will be running your own business but you are also part of something bigger. You become part of a community of people doing the same thing working under the same structure. To those who are suited the the franchise life this is a huge appeal. They feel safer and supported in such an environment, and can get the feeling of having colleagues, even though each franchisee is running their own branch of the business. You are also able to benefit from the shared experience, advice and varied skill set that can be found in a franchise network, and contribute to this too. It isn’t for everyone though.

Some people prefer to work on their own. If you just like to get on with your work with your head down and you don’t see the benefit you can gain from others then the franchise model may not be for you.

Can you follow rules?

If your dream is to set up your own business where you make the big decisions about branding, websites, copy and products and services then think carefully before investing in a franchise. The reason franchises are successful is they have uniformity, their customers know what to expect if they interact with a franchise in Cornwall or Scotland, the business is represented and delivered in the same way.

This requires the franchisee to listen and follow the rules and guidelines set out by the franchisor. If you are the type of person to push against management, break rules and try to constantly create your own then consider carefully if the franchise model is for you.

What does it take to be a successful franchisee?

Great franchisees knows how to motivate themselves, and are willing to work hard to achieve the goals they set themselves. They have a desire to own their own business but want a support network around them and support through the process, and enjoy being part of a greater whole. They are happy to work within a set of rules when they understand why they are in place and that they benefit their business as a result. Most of all they have a passion the business they have chosen and the customers they serve.

Are you born to be a franchisee?

Could a franchise be for you? If so, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience here at Tots Play, helping people just like you achieve their dream of becoming a business owner, so if it feels like a franchise would be a good fit for you, then we would love to help you too.

Our programme of classes and services are well established and demand continues to grow rapidly for them across the country. Could you help to meet that demand by running these classes in your area?

The Tots Play Franchise is designed to be flexible, fun and to fit around your family or other commitments, as well as offering the opportunity to earn a great income, but as you can see from this article, it won't be for everyone.

Take the first step to finding out if running a franchise could be for you click HERE to request a free, no obligation, Franchise Information Pack, with lots of details about what the franchise is all about and how it works.

Do you have the mindset to be a franchisee? If you think you might then get in touch today to start your journey to becoming a business owner. We can't wait to hear from you.

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