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Pumpkin Fun with Your Little One

Are you carving pumpkins this week as part of your Halloween festivities?

How about getting your littlest ones in on the fun and making use of all the insides that you usually throw away too? Here are some great ideas for you to try:

Pumpkin Patmats

Turn the insides of your pumpkin into patmats. Seal 3 sides of a laminating pouch with an iron or hair straighteners. Fill with your pumpkin leftovers, then seal the last side in the same way. Be careful not to overfill the pouches so there is room for the contents to move around a little when played with! A great way to give your little one the opportunity to feel the texture of the gooey, squishy insides of the pumpkin without all the mess, and a lovely sensory experience!!

Pumpkin Seed Shakers

Dry the seeds from the pumpkin out on a baking tray in the oven before putting them in a plastic bottle to make a great shaker. A small milk carton, as shown in the picture works really well, as the handle is easy for little hands to hold on to. Make sure to seal the lid in place, either with a glue gun or electrical tape for safety. You might even want to decorate the outside.

Now, put on your favourite tunes, or maybe some Halloween music and give your little one their pumpkin shaker to play along - perfect to stimulate your little ones hearing and teach them about cause and effect.

Pumpkin Cupcakes Something for all the family - grate the hard flesh of the pumpkin and bake some delicious pumpkin cupcakes! These have been going down a storm at some of the Halloween parties our class leaders have been hosting this week. Try THIS RECIPE for some inspiration.

You can also consume the pumpkin in different ways, it's really good for you - how about making a pumpkin soup to warm the family up on the cold evenings or simply cook and purée it for your smaller babies to try? HERE are a few of the benefits of giving it a try.

Pumpkin Totsy!

Feeling creative? How about carving our lovable mascot Totsy Monkey into your pumpkin?

More Pumpkin Fun!

Our Tots have been having lots of pumpkin inspired fun at the Halloween parties that have been taking place across the country over the last week or so, as you can see from these pictures. There will be more parties taking place this week in some areas, so if you haven't already done so, do check with your local class leader to get your place booked up. You can find the details of all our class locations HERE.

Whatever you are doing to celebrate the season, have a think about the sensory opportunities on offer for your little people and get them in on the fun in their own way.

For lots more inspiration for play times that will also help boost your baby or toddler's development, while you have lots of fun together, do come and join us at a class very soon.

No classes near you yet? Why not start your own, and create a fun and rewarding business that you can work around your family with our franchise programme? Learn more about it HERE.

Have a wonderful week and Happy Playing!

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