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Adventure in a Cardboard Box!

At Tots Play we always say that the best play experiences for your little ones can be found using the simplest things, and especially what you already have at home.

Our class leader for Newport and Cwmbran, Kaye, decided to put this to the test with her two children (ages 1 and 4 years), and a cardboard box, and here is what happened...

How many times have you heard people say “we buy all these expensive toys and all they play with is the box!” That’s because a simple, cardboard box can become many different things in the imagination of a child, it’s an ever-changing, ever-evolving toy!

My two have been playing with this same cardboard box for the last four months and over that time it has had many transformations…

First, I sat them in it and gave them a packet of pens, they had a wonderful time drawing, scribbling, creating. They poked holes with the pens and pushed them through, practising their gross motor skills and cause and effect.

Then we got a little more creative and decided to turn it into a rocket. We drew control panels on the inside and off they went on their adventures, still colouring and fine tuning the controls, adding their own ideas and designs along the way…

Then we got a bit more adventurous and decided to have a go at turning it into a “Sensory Den” – we turned it on its side, made some holes in the top, poked some LED fairy lights through and put some light up toys inside. The fairy lights in the roof made a lovely “night sky” effect while the darkness of the box really made the most of the light up toys:

Since then it’s been somewhere to hang out…

And somewhere to have a snack…

Or hide from your brother!

And in its final incarnation it became the underground lair for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, complete with ramp, before finally meeting the recycle bin…

And so we wait for the next box to come along. See what adventures you can create with your kids starting with a packet of pens and a cardboard box!

Happy playing and please share your creations with us at

Kaye, Tots Play Newport and Cwmbran x

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