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Meet a Franchisee!

Have you ever been at class looking at your class leader and thinking - I’d like to do that!


What you may not know is that Tots Play is a franchise, which means that we offer the opportunity for you to own and run your very own Tots Play classes business - meaning that thought could actually become a reality!


Even if the area you live in is already covered by an existing franchisee, in most parts of the country there are neighbouring areas, within easy reach, that you could open classes in, or, if you travel to get to classes, you could offer them in your own local area. If it’s something that appeals to you then it’s always worth getting in touch to check availability where you are.


Lots of our franchisees started out by bringing their own children to classes, and then realising that running their own business could give them a lot more flexibility around family life than their previous job - and be a lot more fun and rewarding too. Does that sound appealing to you too?


If so, we have created some short videos explaining what the Tots Play Franchise is and how it works, so you can see if it’s something that might be a good option for you and your family.


Just follow click the button and pop in your details so we can send it over for you.

Like the idea but want to know what it's really like running a Tots Play Franchise?


Join me online to "Meet a Franchisee"!

The videos are a great starting point to learning more about our Franchise programme, but we know it’s also helpful to hear from real people, people who were just where you are not long ago, and who are now running their own, successful Tots Play business - so I’d also like to invite you to join me for one of our online “Meet a Franchisee” sessions.


While your own class leader will also be able to tell you more, I know there’s not always time for an in depth conversation at class with your little one in tow, so these sessions give you a chance to hear all about what being a Tots Play business owner is like, directly from a from one of our franchisees with the opportunity to ask them any questions you have too!


Our next Meet a Franchisee session will be at 8pm on Thursday 25th Jan 2024 - it’s completely free to join and there’s absolutely no obligation from doing so - it’s simply a chance to find out more to start to consider if joining the franchise is something you might like to do too.


All you need to do is click the button below to register, so I know where to send the details you need to join the call, and I'll get them over to you.

What would you like to know more about?

  • The Tots Play programme itself?

  • What a typical day is like?

  • How running a business fits around family life?

  • How quickly you start to make money?

  • Or something else....well here's your chance!


There's no pressure

You can have your camera on and talk to us directly on the call, keep it off and type your questions in the chat, or send us your question in advance and we'll do our best to answer it on the night - so whatever you feel comfortable with is absolutely fine.


So, just click the link below to register your interest in the session and I'll send you over the details you need to join the call.

Can't make the date? No problem!

We'll be recording the call, so if you're not sure you can make the date then register anyway and we'll send you the recording.


We also plan to hold more sessions over the coming weeks, so there will be more chances to get your questions answered live if you can't make this one.


Get inspired!

Come and get inspiration from someone who has been in exactly the position of wanting to make a change, to find a better work/life balance for themselves and their family, to do something they love while still making a great income, and to make a difference to families in their community along the way.


They had the same fears, doubts and worries that are maybe going through your head right now - but took that chance to create a new future and haven’t looked back.


If they can do it then why not you?


Here’s the button again to register, if you’d like to come and check it out.


Just a pop a message to if you have any questions about the session or anything at all about our franchise programme and I'll be happy to help.


Have a wonderful week and I hope to see you on the 25th.

Helen, Founder of Tots Play


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