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Shop Christmas Presents With Tots Play!

It can be tricky to know what to get the littlest members of the family for Christmas can't it?

They grow and learn so quickly that you want to make sure you're giving something that they will not only love but will support their development in lots of ways too.

Fun and Learning

The great news is here at our Tots Play shop we have lots of products and bundles that are a bit different to the usual "toys" you find for little ones. As well as favourite resources used at our classes we have also added lots of new products to our shop that fit with our ethos of promoting play that allows for curiosity and creativity, and are as great for their development as they are fun to explore and play with, so you're sure to find the perfect gift for your little one and for the other babies and toddlers in your life too.

Free Gift!

And if that wasn't enough, we also have a special promotion for you where you'll get one of these fabulous Wooden Rainbow Arch Toys completely FREE when you spend £25 or more in the online store!

Bundle Up!

Our bundles make great gifts and bring lots of favourite sensory resources together to keep those little ones engaged long after the decorations have been taken down. Take a look at the video below for a quick overview of our most popular bundles and shop all our bundle deals HERE.

More Popular Picks this Christmas

Looking for something extra? Here are a few more of our popular items this Christmas:

Wooden Marble Run Game

Perfect for toddlers, simple to play and endless fun to be had when the ball rolls, plus as they wind their way down the tree, little ones will love the sound that the balls make against the leaves. Perfect for developing eye-hand coordination and teaching cause and effect!

Get yours HERE

Baby Black and White Water Mat

The perfect tummy time activity mat to enhance visual and physical development for babies. Not only a great supportive mat for tummy time, the contrasts in colours will aid your babies visual development, as well as the floating coloured shapes to keep them focused!

Order yours HERE

Wooden Vegetable Patch with Worms

Great for shape sorting and fine motor skills! Comes with its own wooden worms and vegetables. Children will love take out and sort the worms with the magnetic stick, and sort the vegetables back into their correct places, which is great for their development too!


Busy Board

This busy board is great for developing fine motor skills, cognitive skills, hand eye coordination and problem solving, as your child figures out how to connect the buckles, thread the laces, undo the buttons and much more! You can practice real life skills with your little one, all while having fun!

Buy yours HERE

And Lots More...

Just a few ideas there, that you may want to go and take a look at! We also have all our of class favourites available on the store including Totsy Monkey himself (who also comes with a free Christmas hat!) and all of our much loved musical instruments and light up toys!

Head to today to have a look and get your Christmas orders in ready for Santa to get them wrapped up!

Happy Playing ! xx


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