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How Bubbles Help Boost Development

Bubbles are an inexpensive, simple and easy activity to enjoy with your baby, or toddler, but don’t let this fool you into thinking it's an activity that is low in value. Bubbles are one of the most effective, fun and educational games you can play together. In this post we want to share with you 6 reasons why everyday should be a bubble day!

1) Boosting hand eye coordination

This is the necessary skill your baby develops as they start to gain control and connect their eye and hand movements. It requires the brain to process what it can see and instruct the body to react. When your baby can see the bubbles, they will initially simply stare in wonder but as this part of their brain develops, bubbles provide the perfect practice for your little one to reach and grasp. The more opportunities they have to do this, the more proficient their hand-eye coordination will be.

2) Developing gross motor skills

The term motor skills refers to all muscle movements and gross motor skills are the large movements such as running and jumping. Toddlers love to chase bubbles so this is great practice but even before they get to this stage, bubbles provide a stimulus that encourages movement and supports physical development.

3) Aiding language development

Even a baby who is not yet able to communicate directly is learning language constantly from their environment. From around 10 months old babies are able to distinguish sounds and provide their own babbles. Playing bubbles in an interactive experience for both you and your infant, it provides the opportunity to use a range of language and expression that will support their learning at this important time.

4) Helping to develop an understanding of cause and effect

Understanding that one action leads to another is required for sophisticated thinking skills and problem solving. Babies start to develop this understanding at around 8 months old and the simplicity of bubbles is the perfect opportunity to exercise their grey matter. The process of the bubble being blown and then suddenly appearing is a visual example of cause and effect. As is the action of your baby touching the bubble to make it pop. These seemingly simple activities have a profound effect on the developing brain.

5) Introducing basic principles of physics

What goes up must come down, right? What is obvious to us still has to be learnt and your baby is exploring their environment every day, trying to understand how the world works. As the playful bubble gently falls to the ground and dances captivatingly on the way, it provides fascination and intrigue, just watching a bubble display is a physics lesson for your baby.

6) Having fun!

There is no better way to learn than through fun but bubbles provide more than just a learning experience. Together you can interact, play, laugh and marvel. Any activity that provides an opportunity to spend time with each other and bond is hugely beneficial to both of you.

So those are just few reasons why we love bubbles at Tots Play, and why you will find them at almost all of our sessions, complementing our unique blend of developmental play activities and fun and relaxed approach to learning through play.

Want to come and join in the fun? Tots Play brings you every class your child needs in one, with massage, yoga, music, sign language, sensory play and, of course, bubbles, all part of the programme. Learn more about what we get up to and how it can benefit you and your little one HERE.

Then click HERE to find a class near you and book your place today.

What's your favourite way to enjoy bubble time?

Wherever your adventures take you today, happy playing!

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