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So what happens at a Discovery Tots class?

Discovery Tots is a baby class especially for little ones from around 8 weeks until confidently crawling or starting to walk.

Sessions are filled with a wide range of experiences to stimulate and encourage your baby's development in lots of different ways, and are a great opportunity to play, connect, cuddle, and explore with your baby and for you both to make new friends.

While every class is unique, we follow a similar structure each week and include elements that are repeated often which your baby will come to recognise and respond to. You will be encouraged to join in at your own pace though and do as much or as little of the activities as feels right for you that day. So what's it all about?

To give you a better idea of what to expect, lets take you through a typical class....

Warming Up

We start by singing hello, and getting everyone stretched and warmed up.

A loving touch helps baby get ready for our yoga and movement activities.

Baby Yoga

We then lead you through yoga inspired stretches and movements set to familiar and original songs and rhymes to make it super fun and engaging (while your baby gets all sorts of physical, emotional and sensory benefits too!)

Baby Signing

Next we help you learn some simple sign language to use with your baby, (Wouldn't you like to know what's going on in that little brain sometimes? Sign language can help your little one tell you what that is!)

Sensory Play

There are always lots of sensory experiences to explore and enjoy. Some we do together as a group, such as working on listening skills by learning how to make different sounds with ordinary things,

Or our sense of sight with a game of peek-a-boo.

Then we move to our sensory area for this week's collection. We use simple themes such as the sense of touch or smell, colours and sounds and encourage you and your baby to explore them in your own unique way!

Exploring the sense of touch with a range of everyday and natural items.

At this class we were using food items to stimulate all the senses and encourage exploration, creativity and imagination - oh and have lots of fun of course!

Carry on the fun at home

We love to give you ideas to try at home too, so our sensory collections include lots of household or easy to make items so you can create your own collections and treasure baskets at home.

Time to Relax

We always bring the class to a close with some time to relax, with a lovely lullaby massage

and a cuddle as the bubbles float by.

Then our lovable monkey Totsy comes to sing goodbye and provide lots of hugs and kisses.

Time to go home. But make sure to come back next week for lots more love, laughter and learning.

Want to see a few more of our Tots in action? Here you go...

And how about one of our customers to tell you what she enjoys about coming to Discovery Tots..

Come and Join Us

I hope that has given you a much better idea of what to expect from a Discovery Tots class, and if you would like to come and see for yourself all the fun we get up to we would love to welcome you. In most areas you can come along for a trial of the class to make sure it's right for you, so why not get in touch with your local class leader to find out more and book your place?

Click HERE to find a class near you and we look forward to seeing you soon.

No classes near you yet? Have you considered running your own? The Tots Play franchise programme provides the opportunity to run your own, family friendly, business delivering our popular baby and toddler classes in your area. Click HERE to find out more, and you could be our next franchisee.

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