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Super September at Tots Play

So September might mean that Summer starts to become a distance memory and we start to dig out the jumpers and boots to welcome Autumn, but the good news is that it also means a return to regular classes in all our venues. The chance to welcome Tots new and old to weekly play sessions with us is more than enough to put a smile on our faces here at Tots Play, whatever the season!

Lots of New Classes

And what a great month we have had, with new classes launched in Eastbourne, Portsmouth North, Doncaster East, Walsall and (just sneaking into October), Northampton South. We also welcomed new franchisee Lucy, who has taken over classes in Bromsgrove. If you are in these areas or know someone who is and haven’t been along yet, then get all the details and book your place HERE.

And More to Come….

We trained even more new class leaders for you in September too, with their classes due to launch through October and November. Help us welcome Angharad, bringing classes to Neath, Anne- Marie and Lehanne ready for Tots in Loughborough and Georgie, who will be launching in Farnham and Alton. Completing the line-up below are Claire and Beth will be working with our franchisees in Birmingham and East Hertfordshire to bring you new classes there.

Plus TWO Tots Play Babies!

Huge congratulations to Amy from Kettering, who welcomed a new baby boy to her family and Ayten from West Wickham, who had a little girl, the two babies being born just a couple of days apart earlier in September. We are pleased to report that mummies and babies are all doing well. Enjoy your maternity leave ladies and we look forward to welcoming you back to leading classes in a few months.

Want to know what it’s really like to be a Tots Play Franchisee?

Wondering why we keep having new franchisees to introduce to you? Perhaps it’s got you thinking about joining us and running your own Tots Play business. Could it be right for you?

Have a read of one of our recent blog posts about what it is really like to be a franchisees and business owner with Tots Play HERE, to help you understand more of what it’s all about. If you liked what you read and are interested in finding out about how you too could become part of the Tots Play team then why not download the franchise pack for more information. You can request it HERE.

This Month Our Tots are Loving…Yoga

We incorporate yoga based movement and stretches into all our classes, but the way we do it changes as our Tots grow from tiny to toddler and beyond. Here are a few examples of what we do at some of those different stages.

Shoulder stand with one of our younger babies at our Baby Development Course, which can help with digestion and alleviate asthma.

Back stretches for one of our Discovery Tots, building muscle tone and improving the flexibility of the back.

Another one of our Discovery Tots practising reaching her toes to her nose! Lots of fun and great for flexibility and the digestive system.

As our babies grow into toddlers and move into our Social Tots class we introduce bigger, more dynamic movements. Inverted positions, like the one in the picture, stimulate the nervous system and all the senses and are also great for brain development.

Yoga with our pre-schoolers at Action Tots can be done more independently, and you might recognise our Tots versions of Down Dog and Tree pose if you have ever done a yoga class yourself, so hopefully you can see that it's never to early to start.

There are so many benefits to these types of movement at any age, and you can read more about some of these benefits in one of our previous post HERE. Why not try a few of your little one’s favourites at home today? To help you enjoy it even more you can download the music to accompany your yoga practice via our online music store HERE.

Taking the Tots Play Fun Home!

Part of aim at Tots Play is to inspire you to enjoy play times not just at class but at home too, and for you to be able to recreate lots of what you see and experience with us at home, with as little expense as possible. We love to see what you and your little one get up to between classes inspired by what you have learned or experienced at Tots Play, so please do send us in your pictures or videos. Here’s a lovely photo we have received from one of our Tots who attends classes with Sarah in Ashby and South Derbyshire, enjoying some sensory exploration. It does look like great fun!

What You Tell Us...

We love hearing all about your experiences at Tots Play and how you and your little one have enjoyed and benefitted from the classes, it means so much to us all to know that what we do makes such a difference. Thanks to Natalie from Coventry for your review this month of the classes you attend there led by the fabulous Laura.

“By far the best group I joined with my little girl. We started the baby development course when she was 5 weeks old and have had to reluctantly end social tots as I now have to return to work a year on. Laura is friendly, fun, knowledgeable and makes everyone feel comfortable and at ease. Laura is wonderful at engaging with the babies and knows them all so well on an individual level. Tots play is a lovely place to come and have fun with your little one and to meet and chat to other mums. My little girl and I have made some lifelong friends, Laura being one of them! I 100% recommend you give it a go, you'll be glad you did!”

Natalie, Coventry

Picture of the month

We just adore this picture of one of our Social Tots in Doncaster East having so much fun. We especially love the way they co-ordinated the colour of the ball with the tunnel. What a clever little one!

Party Season!

Now we are well into the Autumn we are looking forward to some seasonal celebrations, and will be holding Halloween and Christmas themed classes and parties in many of our locations. Some of these are already available to book, or will be included in your current block of classes, so check with your class leader for what they have planned to make sure you don’t miss out on the fun. We will be sure to bring you more on these in future posts.

Happy October!

Well that is it for another month, we look forward to welcoming you all to our classes ready for some more Autumnal fun throughout October and shall bring you more news next month on all things Tots Play.

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