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Nonstop November at Tots Play

Well, November brought the cold weather with it, but Winter being on the way is no cause for sadness here at Tots Play! In fact, a place to come in from the cold is just one of the many reasons to join us at classes throughout the Winter season. Not only are you assured of a warm welcome, but there is so much to get involved with at each session, from yoga to sensory play, and massage to music, there's no time to sit around getting cold!

We have lots of special seasonal sessions and parties coming up this month too - if you haven't booked your space yet, get going as you won't want to miss out (read on for a sneak peek of what you have to look forward to at Tots Play this Christmas).

Before we talk more about the festivities though, let's take a look at a few of the exciting events that have been happening in the world of Tots Play during November.

Tots Play Annual Conference

I just had to start with the one day of the year where everyone from all of our franchises and Totsy HQ gather together to celebrate and discuss all of our hard work and wins throughout the year. It’s a great day filled with chatter, ideas, celebrations, food and did I mention chatter (we do love to catch up). We love this day as not only do we see our friends but we get to find out about new ideas for classes and plans for the future developments of Tots Play. There are some exciting times ahead for 2019! You can read more about it HERE.

Looking for a new challenge for the new year? How about a brand new business? Take a look at what a Tots Play Franchise has to offer, and perhaps you could be joining us at next year's conference.

Parent Workshops

November also saw us trial a new workshop for parents at HQ to see if it would be of interest to you, our loyal Tots Play customers. Well we were not disappointed, it was a huge success!

What are parent workshops all about?

Here at Tots Play we believe that play should be accessible to all, easy to replicate at home and inexpensive. With all of this in mind, our workshops are all about providing you with knowledge, ideas and practical tips to get the most from your play times throughout the week, ensuring they are not only fun, but full of developmental benefits for your little one too.

At this first workshop we focused on sensory play, showing how we make some of our lovely resources in class and what we use to create them. Not only are the workshops a chance to get ideas and knowledge, but those attending the workshop also told us they enjoyed having an evening out of the house (no kids), meeting other mums in the area and getting to take away all of their creations to use at home. Activities at this first workshop included making edible play dough, pat mats, and sensory bottles - plus there was time for a cuppa and a chat too.

So when can you find out more and book your space? We will be trialling classes in selected areas in the new year and hopefully rolling them out countrywide shortly after. Keep a look out on your local Tots Play Facebook page, and our website for upcoming workshops.

This month we are loving ……… lights

Lights are always a firm favourite when we feature them in our sensory collections at class. As we all know, babies and toddlers are drawn to look at and play with anything that lights up, one of the reasons they love your phone so much! The curiosity and fascination with the objects that light up or flash help to build those important neural pathways that lead the way for future learning. Lights are an accessible and stimulating activity for all ages and are so easy to replicate at home.

Wondering what they are doing in the picture? This is a simple salad spinner with a string of battery operated lights inside - but look at the excitement and wonder such easy to find items can bring when used as part of play time. Just what Tots Play is all about!

A foil blanket to reflect the lights and colours adds an extra dimension to the experience.

These mini spinners (spinning lights) are another huge favourite in class.

Did you know you are able to purchase foil blankets, mini spinners and many more of our Tots favourite resources from your class leader or from our online store? Carrying on the fun at home has never been easier!

Christmas Sessions

There will be no shortage of opportunity to enjoy the wonder of colourful, flashing lights this month as Christmas trees and decorations start to go up everywhere, but there are so many other wonderful things for your little one to explore this season too, which is why many of our Franchises are offering additional Christmas Parties or festive themed classes this term. From the ideas and preparations already flying around from our class leaders we know they they will be fantastic and not to be missed!

So what can you expect? As always there will be a wide range of experiences on offer including special Christmas themed songs, to move, stretch and sing too (plus bells so you can jingle along!), festive sign language, and a sensory extravaganza, with the sights, sounds, smells and textures of Christmas to explore. There is usually the opportunity to get your little ones (any maybe yourself?) dressed in their festive finery too, as modelled by one of our gorgeous Tots in the picture below. Have you booked your place yet?

Many of these sessions are open to everyone whether you are a current customer, past customer or would like to come along and find out more about our classes. Why not pop along to our website to find your nearest class so you can join in the fun?

Stocking Fillers Sorted!

If the Christmas shopping is starting to get serious and the mad dash to the shops has begun ( I have to confess I love this part, gathering all of the gifts together ready to start celebrations), you might be wondering what to get for the littlest members of your household? Why not let us help? As mentioned above, we supply a range of simple and inexpensive sensory items that your little one will love, and this year, lots of our franchisees are offering resources bundles at a range of price points, and in some areas these can be supplied all wrapped and ready for you. Get in touch with your local class leader to find out more and order your bundle.

Getting into Action for 2019!

Last weekend we held a training weekend for some of our franchisees to show them the Action Tots programme so they can bring it to you. They had so much fun learning all the skills and games that they can't wait to bring it back to you in their local communities.

If you haven't come across Action Tots yet, it is our class for children from 2 to 4 years, incorporating favourite Tots Play activities such as yoga, massage and exploratory play but with a focus on physical development and the chance to develop the skills for riding our fabulous toddler sized balance bikes from market leader, Strider Bikes.

Action Tots will boost your toddler’s body awareness, confidence, fitness and social skills as you laugh and play together.​ This class builds the foundations for riding a traditional bike but also helps prepare your little one for any kind of sport or activity and to develop a love for an active lifestyle. ​

Action Tots is currently available at selected locations and will be coming to Coventry, Wolverhampton, Paignton and Torquay, Dartford and Bexleyheath and Colchester in the new year.

Sound like a class you want to attend? Click here to see if it is running in your area or contact your local class leader.

What you tell us

We love hearing all about your experiences at Tots Play and how you and your little one have enjoyed and benefited from the classes. This month it is the turn of Sarah Irons who gave Kate In Coalville and Markfield this lovely review.

"Amazing classes, full of lots of enjoyable things, signing, singing dancing and play. I’ve also met some lovely friends through it. Would highly recommend this class to any new mum."

If you are enjoying your Tots Play sessions please do consider leaving a review - it means so much to our franchisees to hear from you.

Our Picture of the month

This month our picture comes from Coventry, I love how it demonstrates how Tots Play is a class for all. Look how much fun they are having together!

It's not too late to come and join us at a class before the end of the year, and booking is also open for the new year in many of our areas. Simply click HERE to find your nearest class and reserve your place today.

So you can see why we have called this blog non-stop November - but that's just the way we like it! Can wait to share all the fantastic plans we have for classes this month with you all - so see you there very soon!

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